Online Marketing Essentials Seminar 6 Key Points Summary
Online Communications Tools Map
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Loop To Speak At the Inter American University of Puerto Rico
Integrated Online Marketing
Drive-Thru: Online Marketing Essentials Seminar 6 Key Points Summary
1. Customers are using the internet to search for solutions, products and services.
80% of internet traffic begins at the search engines.
68% of the search market share belongs to Google.
Website pages need to be optimized so they can be picked up by Google and displayed in the search results. Optimization involves…
Integrated Online Communications
Online Communications Tools Map

This is a great visual model of the conduits to conversation. As marketers, we should be aware that our clients are engaging with all of these tools on and offline to communicate with friends, research products and services and much more.

These tools shape the way we interact, how we interact with others and how new information is organized.

Drive-Thru: Online Marketing Essentials Seminar Video
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DT 2008 Survey Results

1. How would you rate the seminar on a scale of 1-5 (5 being excellent)?

Excellent 58% - Good 34%

2. Would you recommend this seminar to a friend?

Yes 83%

3. Most Popular Subject

Social Network Marketing and Mobile Marketing
As always, we are here to help. If you are interested in enhancing your online marketing communications efforts, contact us.

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Media Release
Loop Consulting Group to Speak at Inter American University of Puerto Rico
Miami, Florida, Monday, October 13, 2008: Inter American University of PR (INTER) is the most important of all the private universities in Puerto Rico. It has approximately 44,000 students, 131 postgraduate programs, in addition to 62 masters' and five doctorate degree programs. INTER employs more than 2,500 professors who have earned their academic degrees from prestigious institutions all over the world. INTER is also a leader in distance education, with over 300 courses available online. Recently, the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon Campus, asked Loop Consulting Group's president Marcos J. Menendez to do a special presentation of Loop Consulting Group's "Drive-Thru: Online Marketing Essentials Seminar" for their Master in Electronic Commerce graduating class.
Integrated Online Marketing

Loop Consulting Group is an online marketing firm that is dedicated to helping our clients reach their online communications and sales goals. We specialize in Integrated Online Marketing Communications (IOMC). IOMC focuses all online marketing and advertising channels into a single digital voice, with the objective of communicating a consistent message to the customer across all channels.


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